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  Advanced anti-collision system
  Sensor controlled LED light
  Modern design and ergonomics
  Hygiene system including water decoupling and disinfection
  Intuitive positioning with use of foot or hand controls
  Enhanced safety for dentist and patientProportional regulation of instruments
  Up to 4 instruments with LED light
  Comfort upholstery




   Dentist element

Equipped with up to 6 instruments. Variable configuration is possible with selection including up to 4 high-speed instruments with light, 2 brushless motors, scaler with light including endo function, curing light and SPRAYVIT.

  Splash stop system

Automatically activated on removal of water outlet to prevent accidental splashes.

  LED light

Controlled by sensor or touch panel with 3D positioning for maximum visibility.

  Adjustable assistant arm

Possibility of two different arm positions for greater working comfort.

  Swiveling spittoon

Easy to remove ceramic spittoon with built-in anti-collision system.

  Foot cross-switch

Hands-free patient positioning for ergonomic and hygienic workflow.



Input power supply AC 100 V, AC 110-120 V, AC 220-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Water pressure 0.25-0.60 MPa / 2.5-6.0 bar
Water flow ≥2.5 l/min
Air supply pressue 0.55-0.75 MPa / 5.5-7.5 bar
Air consumption ≥70 l/min without air venturi / ≥130 l/min with air venturi
Suction machine ≥500 l/min with central suction
Patient chair carrying capacity 165 kg
Patient chair movement range 380-780 mm






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